Focused Site Care

Personal & Skilled Website Support, Custom Tailored for You


Tailor Your Support Plan to Suit You

Baked-in Services

These are automatically included in any service plan I offer. That’s because they are absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy website, and I insist on them.

  • Initial Holistic Health Check (Hosting/platform performance, domain registration, and email service)
  • Regular, remote, redundant Site Backups
  • Regular Site Health Checkups
  • Dedicated support via personal email
  • Monthly plugin/theme/template/platform updates

Plans start at $96 per month. Add-ons will increase the monthly rate.


These are services I can include in your plan, depending on your unique needs.

Software/Platform Updates

  • Weekly plugin and core updates (WordPress)
  • Weekly theme updates (Shopify)
  • Weekly platform and template updates (Squarespace)


  • Blog posting (you provide content) — 1 post per month
  • Blog posting (you provide content) — up to 4 posts per month
  • Blog posting (you provide content) — 4+ posts per month
  • SEO best practices implementation and review
  • Website Accessibility Audit and Implementation
  • Product listings — up to 4 per month
  • Product listings — up to 8 per month
  • Product listings — 8+ per month


  • One-off fixes or small layout edits (up to 1 hour per month)
  • One-off fixes or small layout edits (up to 2 hours per month)
  • One-off fixes or small layout edits (unlimited)


  • Phone support — 30 minutes per month
  • Phone support — 1 hour per month
  • Phone support — Unlimited
  • Support via text (SMS)
  • Support via Slack, Notion, or Discord
  • Weekend and after-hours support available
  • Hosting support (I deal with your web host tech support)


  • Integrated Newsletter Support
  • Integrated Forms and Entry Reporting
  • eCommerce store setup
  • Map
  • Calendar
  • Analytics
  • Translation Feature

One-Off Services

Aside from the monthly plans, I do offer a few one-off services for your website.

Why Your Website Isn’t Working For You

Website Marketing/UI Consultation


Friends and family may tell you that your website is “awesome,” but are they experts? I’ll give you an honest, straightforward assessment of your website. Is it easy to navigate? How is your marketing copy? Is there a flow? What’s the loading time, and does it look the same in all browsers and platforms — including mobile? I’ll lend you my 25 years’ experience in web development, marketing, and copywriting and you’ll know exactly what to do to make it better.

Need to Move Your Website?

Website Migration

Want to move your existing site from Squarespace to Shopify or WordPress? Or vice versa? I’ll make sure your site gets moved gently, your valuable content stays intact, and you experience as little downtime as possible.


What’s included:

  • Move existing website to new host and/or domain
  • One FREE month of site maintenance!

What’s not included:

  • Domain registration renewal*
  • Hosting account renewal*

Turnaround time:

This can depend on getting access to hosting account(s), the complexity of the site, and the time it takes for DNS records to propagate. Typically it can take 1-3 weeks to completely migrate a site and ensure that everything is secure. Moving Squarespace or Wix sites to WordPress can take longer. Also be aware that your site may not look exactly the same on the new platform.

* I happily provide these services, but there are additional costs involved. You will have the opportunity to review and approve any additional costs before we move forward.

Can Everyone Access Your Website?

Website Accessibility Audit


It’s crucial that your site content is accessible to everyone surfing the internet, including those with visual, auditory, motor control, and cognitive issues. In fact, it’s the law. Don’t leave website accessibility to chance!

I’ll do a full audit of your site, issue a report, and give you guidance on how to bring it into compliance with current WCAG standards.