Focused Site Care

Personal & Skilled Website Support, Custom Tailored for You

It’s Time to Regain Your Focus

Do you spend too much time futzing with your website?

An edit here, an update there, maybe a few calls to your web host to find out why the site is down. Wait, how do you post an image again? Pretty soon the day is gone and you’re wondering when you can do your real work.

If only someone else could just handle it.

If futzing with websites isn’t your thing, then it’s only a distraction. Get your focus back. Go do the amazing things you’re here to do and leave the web stuff to someone who loves doing it.

I am that someone. I’ll handle your edits, your updates, post to your blog — I’ll even sit on hold with your web host while you take your life back.

Person ringing up a smiling customer in their store

What is this?

This is a highly-personalized, premier web support service. I work with people like you who need someone skilled to maintain their website.

There are no chat bots or call centers. You don’t have to explain everything repeatedly to every new person on the line. I’ll always know who you are when you call.

I know you and I know your website. So we can skip the “give me your account number” nonsense and just get things done. You’ll have my personal mobile number and email. It’s me, every time.

And because I only handle a select number of clients (not hundreds), I can focus on you.